Wedding Cupcakes, Behind the Scene

One of the interesting thing about my work is experiencing the behind-the-scene and we are not talking just about baking. On 23 March 2012, we had to deliver over 500 cupcakes to Grand Hyatt for a client’s wedding where the individually gift-packed cupcakes were to be presented to guests as wedding favor on the banquet tables. Sometimes, baking the cupcakes is the easy part, as was in this case (though my production team will dispute that). The packing effort that went in to this event was challenging. However the fun part was not until we arrived onsite. It was Eva’s first time assisting with such a delivery task and her eye-opening experiencing of the loading /unloading bays at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, went “Wow, this is like a mega warehouse!”

Wedding Cupcake Favor presented on table

The challenge began with unloading over 20 bags with one service lift to be ‘fought over’ with many other service vendors, such as florist, sound system companies, production, decoration etc. each trying to beat the deadline. Our cupcake was most delicate and we had to guard with our dear life that the bags do not get knocked over when the big guys with their bulky equipments were moving past us. It was quite a commotion!

Head table at wedding banquet

During the next 60mins, while the grand ballroom was getting transformed, Eva and I got busy unpacking the 20 over bags for the wedding planners’ team to inspect each of the individually gift-packed cupcakes and the Grand Hyatt banquet staff to display them throughout the ballroom. There were a few cupcakes that got ‘disfigured’ during delivery which had to be ‘fixed’ on the spot which Eva did the most wonderful job of under all that time pressure. Whew! by 6:30pm before the first guest arrived, our job was done (with a few cuts on my hands) and the glamour of the night begins for the newly weds and their 500 guests. Congratulations Nathaniel and Rachel! Another project well-executed with great team work, planning, care/precision and time management! Big Thank You to the team and our delivery specialist, Khan! Well done!