Organic Gluten-Free Cakes 無麩質蛋糕

Is Gluten-Free a trend? Does gluten-free mean healthy? Can Healthy dessert be equally if not more delicious? Come and experience it for yourself!

Since 2012 we have been baking gluten-free and the range is refined-sugar free. We use Organic Coconut Sugar (low in Glycemic Index) and Organic cold-pressed coconut oil, (a good fat to have in our daily diet, which is anti-inflammatory). You will find our menu offering 1. Egg-free 2. Dairy-free 3. no preservatives 4. no artificial flavor /additives 5. Paleo etc

We have daily flavors of cakes, cupcakes, cookies and fudge brownies. Are you Ready for a lovely treat?


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gluten free cakes

gluten free cupcakes

brownies & cookies