Our Story

Sweet Secrets Bakes Deliciousness from Scratch With Natural Quality Ingredients
About Sweet Secrets

Established in 1999, Sweet Secrets was one of the first bakery in Hong Kong dedicated to serving delicious western style cakes and desserts. We are known for using high quality and natural ingredients – fresh eggs, real butter, Belgium dark chocolate, pure cream, organic Madagascar vanilla extract etc. and we hand-make all our baked products from scratch in small batches.

Our premium desserts comfort hearts and bring people together during joyful celebrations. We love to see how our cakes bring smiles to people’s faces and this is why we do what we do. What a wonderful tradition it is to include something sweet and delicious to go with the special moments in our lives such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations and baby arrivals.

Over the years, customers have come back to share with us the magical moments our cakes have brought them. A 5-year old girl presented with a princess themed cake as her friends are chiming in to her birthday song. She is totally mesmerized at the beauty of her cake, with the flickering of candle flames. The glee, joy and total wonderment in that one moment will be with her forever, the feeling of love and being cherished as a princess.

Over the last 17 years, our dynamic team has continued to innovate, creating custom recipes to meet the unique needs of our community. In 2011, Sweet Sweets was again the first bakery in Hong Kong, to offer desserts catering to individuals who have various food intolerances. We created recipes with alternatives to gluten, eggs, refined sugar, dairy and soy with Paleo and Vegan-friendly flavors. Our use of raw organic, non-refined sugar (coconut sugar), healthy fat (cold-pressed coconut oil) and other organic ingredients, upholds the highest standard of deliciousness while positively contributing to the emotional and physical health of our community.

We are thrilled that customers continuously tell us that they cannot believe gluten-free desserts can taste so good, even better than conventional recipes. Yet, we are most proud to be a dessert specialist who provides choices that are not just BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS but also HEALTHIER and more WHOLESOME, all good for the Mind, Body and Spirit!

Currently, there are 30 CHOICES on our GLUTEN-FREE menu, all without refined sugar! Our customers also include visitors to Hong Kong or Hong Kongers living abroad and visiting the city. They are always overjoyed to find us, calling ‘The Little Gem’!!

We have grown into wholesaling our products to various online and offline partners in order to extend our reach to the Hong Kong community.

So, that’s us. Come visit us at our store or our latest e-shop for all the deliciousness!

The Sweet Secrets Team

Sarah Lee is the founder of Sweet Secrets. She absolutely loves cakes and desserts and feels so blessed to be in a business that fulfills her passion. Sarah’s fondest childhood memories are of spending magical moments in the kitchen with her mother baking, cooking and creating delicious treats for the family.

With these loving thoughts and a relentless aim to set herself apart from competitors, Sarah started Sweet Secrets. Though she has never received any formal baking or cake decorative training, she has a natural flair for taste and creativity to develop all the recipes that Sweet Secrets now offers. Her desire has evolved from delivering the most delicious and beautiful cake to now offering cakes and sharing with her customers how one can be mindful about our health. ‘Dessert and Health’ do not traditionally go hand-in-hand, at least that is what the general public believes. Yet once again, Sarah sets out to make this dream a reality – desserts that nourish the mind, body and spirit!

Because of her inspired passion, hundreds of thousands of people have enjoyed Sweet Secrets’ creations, desserts and treats since 1999, even people with various food intolerances who would otherwise miss our on their birthday cake. So, do wave hello to Sarah the next time you visit the store.

Raymond, Pastry Chef of Magic Hands, has been with Sweet Secrets since the early years. He has developed all the cakes along with Sarah and our talented team of bakers and has designed countless jaw-dropping, WOW factor and delicious art cakes for our very happy customers. He will take on any challenge to create the cake that will make a difference for your party.

Our Mission
  • We aim to make a difference in people’s lives by bringing forth fun, joy and happiness.
  • We bring people together, irregardless of their diet situations, so that everyone is brought together at joyous celebrations.
  • We strive for improvement and we aspire to be the best in what we do.
  • We are a profitable enterprise so that we may continue to grow and serve.

Sweet Secret’s creations have been featured on SCMP, HK Magazine, The List, Playtimes, Inside DB, Foodie, HK01, Young Post, Sassy Girls, Sassy Mama and many other publications. Please go to our media page. Click here to our media page.

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