Mini Cupcake Decoration Workshop on 6th May for Mother’s Day at Simply Love

As a mother, what do you consider is one of the best gift you can receive on Mother’s Day? I would say,

one that is handmade by my child, with love. Well, I am always touched when my daughter bakes or cooks for me. Yes, I’m very blessed with a child who is pretty good at it and because I have always encouraged her, so it’s really time to reap the fruits.

Simply Love - My favourite party supplies boutique store in Hong Kong

Well, this year for Mother’s Day, we are hosting our first joint event with Simply Love Mother’s Day Mini Cupcake Decoration Event on 6th May. On the day, these children can get creative with their hands to

  1. frost cupcakes by piping or using a spatula;
  2. make fondant designs using cutters;
  3. write and/or color on fondant designs;
  4. create special message on mini cupcakes
  5. decorate mini cupcakes with fondant, sprinkles, etc
  6. gift pack the mini cupcakes for their beloved mother

2012 Mother's Day Mini Cupcake Gift Box

Without a well-equipped facility for children to bake, this is the closest I can get, at the moment, to encourage children to get creative with food and share with their

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love ones. Hopefully they will have lots of fun and get to enjoy the fruits of their creative ‘labor’ with their family, especially MOM! Happy Mother’s Day! If you cannot get into these sessions, you can always come get a Sweet Secrets-design Mini Cupcake Gift Box for your mother, and do order early! Lastly, for those of you who are coming, I would like to thank you for your support. Proceeds from this event will into supporting a Hong Kong charity called Birthday Happiness who host birthday parties for the less fortunate children. We will be donating beautiful party gifts and supplies for their parties. Thank you!