How ARE our 5 New Cupcakes Rating with You?

We are constantly thinking up new combination of flavors for our cupcake offering that tantalise your taste buds. If you have not noticed, we have added 5 new members to this family in the past 6 months! And a couple have even gone through a face-lift! with the help of friends and clients on Facebook! As you may know, we are not able to offer the full range of cupcakes daily. However, we do have a Daily

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Assorted Dozen where you can enjoy an assortment of 3 daily selections! This is highly and we get a lot of requests for office deliveries especially as a gift or birthday. Do help us by ranking your favorites! and be on the lookout for our festive flavor – Pumpkin Spice, it’s super yummy!  

Orange Blossom Cupcake - it's super luscious, dense and melts in your mouth!


White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake - I'm due for my new look soon!


Snowball Cupcake and I roll all year round!


Sweet Lavender aka Purple Cupcake! with 100% natural certified therapeutic grade Lavender oil