Gift Packing for Party Favors

(Packing fee @ $5/pc)



Daily Rental & Deposit

For assorted cupcakes and deserts.

  • 6-Tier Tower
  • self-assemble
  • can hold a 6” cake on top tier
Tier 1: 2pc (6pc)
Tier 2: 5-6pc (12pc)
Tier 3: 12-13pc (20pc)
Tier 4: 13-15pc (28pc)
Tier 5: 16-18pc (45pc)
Tier 6: 24-26pc (55pc)
72-80 cupcakes
(or 166minis)
Min. 3 tiersDeposit:$1500
Ideal for 6” wedding cake on top with cupcakes.

  • 6-Tier Tower
  • self-assemble
  • can hold a 6” cake on top tier
Tier 1: 8pc (10pc)
Tier 2: 9pc (20pc)
Tier 3: 15pc (26pc)
Tier 4: 18pc (30pc)
Tier 5: 24pc (50pc)
Tier 6: 30pc (65pc)
104 cupcakes
(or 200minis)Size:
8” / 10” / 12” / 14” / 16” / 18”
Min. 3 tiersDeposit:$1500
This light-weight 4-tier tower is ideal for cupcakes.

  • Easy to assemble
Tier 1: 6pc (8pc)
Tier 2: 8pc (16pc)
Tier 3: 10pc (23pc)
Tier 4: 12pc (28pc)
36 cupcakes
(or 75minis)
$150 per towerDeposit: $300
This tower is versatile for cupcakes or finger food. It is easy to assemble and can be reused.
Tier 1: 5pc (14pc)
Tier 2: 10pc (31pc)
Tier 3: 15pc (40pc)
24 cupcakes
(or 85 minis)
Sale price: $180
(with ribbon add $50)
This Floating Stand is great for wedding cake or cupcakes.

  • Fixed structure
Tier 1: 4-5pc (12pc)
Tier 2: 12pc (24pc)
Tier 3: 20pc (40pc)
36-40 cupcakes
(or 76minis)Size: 6” / 10” / 14”
$180 per standDeposit: $800
Light-weight cake stand holds a 10” round cake.

  • 6-Tier Tower
  • self-assemble
  • can hold a 6” cake on top tier
12 cupcakes
(or 25 minis)
$100/ standDeposit: $500

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Customer is responsible for returning cake stand to Sweet Secrets Ltd. the following day. Daily rental will be charged accordingly for late return and stand collection is chargeable at delivery rate depending on venue.
  2. Deposit will be fully forfeited in full amount if there is any missing component to the cupcake stand set.
  3. Deposit will be fully forfeited in full amount in case of any brokerage and/or damage caused to the cupcake stand set.
  4. In case of any scratches to the cupcake stand set, Sweet Secrets Ltd reserves the right to deduct a minimum amount of HK$400 from the deposit.

Before calling us to enquire about cupcake orders, please read our FAQs and fill out our cupcakes order request form to begin the process of your order/quotation process.

Our cupcakes are delicious and yet not too sweet at all!

We understand that our ArtCupCakes are inviting. Please understand that sometimes we may not have your cupcake flavor and artwork available at short notice. We require a minimum of a dozen for our ArtCupcakes orders and a lead time of 1 week to ensure your cupcake flavor, artwork and quantity is available.

CUPCAKE HOTLINE: 852 93719089

Please click here to continue to our Artcupcakes Order Request Form!

Terms:1) Additional Charge of $30/bag for third bag onwards.
2) Additional Charge of $150 for cake weighing over 10 lb and height over 24″
3) Parking fee is chargeable, it will be collected in cash by driver upon delivery.
4) Recipient (or someone on behalf) must be available to receive upon delivery during the agreed time else the order will be sent back to our bakery. Subsequent attempt / request to deliver is fully chargeable.

Payment Methods:
We accept cash, cheque and credit card at our shops or you may direct deposit into our bank accounts:
HSBC 640-030-359838 or Bank of East Asia 015-187-10-03160-9
Company cheque must be made payable to ‘Sweet Secrets Ltd.’
Payment slip must be faxed to 2545 2488 or emailed to us at
Please note additional 4% for local payment via PayPalDeposit:
All orders require full payment in person or through bank deposit to secure the order.Cancellations and Postponement:
Deposit will be forfeited in the case of order cancellation. Notice of no less then 3 working days must be given for postponement, administrative charge of $100 will apply and penalty charge may also apply.