FAQs and Terms



 Q. What cake flavors do you have?

We offer over 50 dessert and cake selections ranging from cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, mousse cakes, apple teacake, pies and tarts etc.

Q. How much do you charge per pound for your cakes?

Our Classic Cakes are priced by the cake size, based on the number of servings and the desired serving size for your party. Please refer to Price List.

Q. If I want a birthday cake, how long in advance should I place my order?

It is best to confirm your order at least 2 working days in advance. For last minute or same day request, please call our outlets to check availability of whole cakes.


Q. Can you do any design that I want?

Our pastry chef will study your specific design request and confirm based on a few factors such as cake flavor, transportation, party serving logistics etc.

Q. Do you make photocakes?

Yes, we do make photocakes.  Photo cupcakes and cookies are also available. You will need to provide print-ready jpeg file.

Q. What is the minimum order or weight for 3D cakes?

Our cakes are not priced by the pound, however, it is generally over 3lbs and price starts from HK$1380 and up depending on the design specification.  All 3D cakes are hand-shaped and hand-sculpted out of standard sheet cake (not out of a shaped mould) so the weight of each 3D cake is different and we can only provide a weight estimation.

It is, therefore, important for you to consider if you are comfortable with the approximated size of the cake based on the number of servings you require.

Q. I like the 3D castle cake on your website, can I have it to serve 8 people?

When designing any 3D Artcake, we aim to minimize the amount of wastage (the portion that comes off the sculpting).  Sometimes it does not work to rescale previous designs also, the height of 3D cake is important as part of the overall proportion which in turn gives the 3D cake its volume.

Q. How much do you charge per pound for your ArtCakes?

Our cakes are not priced by the pound. With over 50 cake selections, the weight of each cake varies widely for the same cake size.

We will provide a quote upon understanding your party needs so that we can recommend accordingly to bring a successful solution for your party.  The price is quoted separately and is based on:

  • the number of servings (upon which we will recommend cake sizes for your consideration);
  • design specifications (some designs are more intricate than others *); and
  • your choice of cake flavor.

It is only practical to estimate based on the number of servings you are expecting to serve and your desired serving size rather than by the weight of the cake.

* The more intricate the design, the more labor-intensive it is to make the cake and such design will be more expensive.

Q. If I want to order a custom design cake, how long in advance should I place my order?

Generally, for 2D cakes, orders should be confirmed at least 4 working days in advance and for 3D cakes, at least 1 week in advance, that is, design must already be confirmed upon order. However, if we are able to accept rush order, a surcharge will apply.

It is best to order as soon as the party date is confirmed especially for parties on weekends because that is when we are most busy.

Q. Why do I need so many days notice for my custom design cake?

We will accept orders so long that production capacity allows and we will have to reject orders once we reach our capacity.  It is best to confirm your order as soon as your party date is set.

Each order is scheduled for production upon order confirmation and are not baked right away. However as each and every cake is handmade – hand-drawn, hand-sculpted (we do not use shaped mould) and hand-colored to the detail some design may require special sculpting or modeling and requires advance preparation.

Q. Other bakeries only need 1-2 days advance notice why do you need such a long time?

Standard design cakes:  we have over 40 cake selections in our menu and each day, our production is scheduled to provide a wide selections available over our counters and for customers’ advanced order. Thus, each order is scheduled for productions upon order confirmation and are not baked and produced right away. Also for some cakes, productions require multiple processes that may require many hour lapse in between.

Custom design cakes: see above

Q. Do you have cakes that are not so sweet.

We pride ourselves with making cakes that are rich in flavor and texture but not sweet and the general customers’ comment of our cakes that they are not too sweet, however, it is subject to personal tastes and preference.

Q. Can you make me the exact same cake as in your website, with the same cake topper?

We can make the similar design upon request subject to minor variation as each cake IS HANDMADE.  However we do not provide cake toppers and our prices DO NOT include any cake toppers.

Q. Can you guarantee that you can make the exact same cake as my request or those custom design cakes on your website?

We cannot offer such a guarantee as each cake is made by hand and there will be variation in the details from one cake to the other. We reserve the right to amend some details deemed to enhance the overall creative presentation of the cake.

Q. Can you provide cake toppers? Or Why can’t you provide the toppers in your photo?

Some cake toppers were provided by our customers. Customers are requested to provide their own, however, in some instances, we may have certain popular choices available which we may have sourced and purchased for the convenience of our customers.  These toppers are charged separately from the cake.

Q.  Can I bring my own picture or design for you to make it for me?

Our ArtCake service is strictly on a made-to-your-request basis and you are most welcome to provide your own picture or design for our reference.  Our pastry chef will study your request and comment on any feasibility issues before we can confirm your request or order.

Q. Do you have any discount on the cake?

We do not offer any discount on Artcake service.

Q. Can I taste your cakes before I order?

We do not offer complimentary tasting.  Off-the-shelf products are sale only and we do not offer them for free tasting. You may buy a single slice if you feel you want to be sure of the flavor before order a whole cake.


Q. How long in advance do I need to place my order?

Please allow at least a month and it is subject to discussion of design. It will be longer if sample, procurement of cake topper and cake stand if required.

Q. How much do you charge per pound?

We will provide a quote upon understanding your party needs so that we can recommend a solution. The price is quoted based on:

  1. The number of servings, which determines the cake size;
  2. The design specifications as some designs are more intricate than others; and
  3. Your choice of cake flavor.

The more intricate the design, the more labor-intensive it is to make the cake and such design will be more costly. Also with over 50 cake selections, the weight of each cake may differ up to 30% for the same cake size.

Q. How big should the cake be if I have 60 guests?

You may consider a 2-tier cake, size 6” and 9”, height 4.5”.

Q. What cake flavors can I choose from?

Any of our Classic Cakes flavors is available, however, specific choices will be subject to the design specification and feasibility.

Q. Is tasting available for your cakes?

You may have one complimentary tasting during the consultation and the flavors may be subject to availability on that day. Specific request will be chargeable.

Q. Will you delivery the cake and set-up at the wedding venue?

Yes, we can. Some design, such as stacked cakes, may not require our pastry chef to set up, Such service setup service is chargeable upon request.

Q. What wedding cake designs can I choose from?

You may bring your own design or reference our past creations.

Q. If I bring you a design that I like, can you do the same design for me?

We will confirm your request upon our pastry chef understanding your design specifications.

Q. Can you create a new design unique for me?

Yes. You will need to book for one complimentary 30-min consultation session with us for us to understand your style and likings.

Q. Do you make fondant cakes or what options do you offer for the finishing?

We make cakes with various frosting and finishing (such as fondant, gum paste, royal icing, butter cream, chocolate, fresh whipped cream) The choice will be subject to the client’s preference and design specifications.

Q. Do you provide wedding cake toppers and stand?

We do not provide wedding cake toppers. Various cake stands may be available on rental basis.

Q. How should I cut a 3-tier cake?

You will make the first cut on the base tier of the cake and your banquet caterer will handle the cutting and serving.

Q. Can you do special sculpting of designs or flowers?

We do sculpting and will confirm upon understanding your request.

Q. How can I order my wedding cake?

Order may be confirmed in person or by email and can only be accepted when all required details are agree and confirmed. Full payment is required to confirm the order.


Q. What is your minimum order for cupcakes?

There is no minimum for purchase off the shelf.  For advance order of the daily flavor (please call us to check Cupcake Schedule) there is no minimum order; for other flavors the minimum is 12pc per flavor.

Q. Can I have a box of 12 cupcakes in assorted flavors?

We offer 2-4 flavors daily and that’s the only assortment available for any given day, except for bulk order of 100pc or over, flavors will need to be discussed.

Q. How are the cupcakes packed?

The cupcakes are packed in 1, 2 6 and 12 pieces.  A box insert is available for 12-pc packing and individual gift box service is available for party favor use. Extra charge is applicable for individual packing.

Q. Can I request for a different look to your classic offerings?

We have an ArtCupcake service where you can have tailor-made designs for you party. It will, however, be quoted separately based on your design specifications.


Q. What is your minimum order for cupcakes?

For any one design or one cupcake flavor, the minimum order for ArtCupcakes is 24 pieces with the exception of Twinkie and Choc-o-thon, the minimum is 12 pieces.

Q. Do you offer any bulk discount?

There is no bulk discount for ArtCupcakes.


Q. How do I order your catering service for my party?

We offer set menu and a la carte menu which you can select from. We can offer a tailor-made menu based on what you need for your event by understanding

–        the type of event (cocktail party, grand opening, seminar or training workshop, office luncheon, children’s birthday party etc),

–        duration of the event;

–        number and profile of guests

–        budget, if available

Q. Can you deliver, setup and serve at the event?

Delivery, setup and servicing are available at additional charge.  Setup and servicing is done by freelance professional waiters.

Q. Do you have cutlery and equipment for rental?

We do have cutlery and equipment however, we do work with third party supplier and can provide you with a quotation upon request.


Q. How can I pay for my order?

You may choose the following methods:

  1. cash or credit card in person at our retail outlets;
  2. bank transfer* or deposit into HSBC a/c 640-030-359838 or Bank of East Asia a/c 015-187-10-03160-9;
  3. cheque payable to ‘Sweet Secrets Ltd.’

For bank transfer or cash deposit, please send us payment confirmation via email (info@sweetsecrets.com.hk) or by fax 2545 2488 with reference to your name and party date. For cheque payment, it must be made 3 days in advance for cheque to clear. * Note that any interbank fund transfer fee is chargeable to the client.

Q. Can I pay for when I collect my order?

Full payment is required to confirm the order.


Q. Can you deliver? And how do you charge?

Yes, we do provide door-to-door delivery service through a delivery van whom we contract the service to; we will quote you based on the delivery address and the quantity to be delivered.

Q. My party is on Sunday morning, before your opening time, how can I collect my cake?

You may wish to collect on Saturday night or request for our delivery service which is chargeable.

Q. What time do you close? When is the latest I can collect my cake?

Our opening hours are:

Central: Monday – Friday 9am till 7:30pm; Saturday 9am till 6pm; Sunday Closed

Causeway Bay: Monday – Saturday 11am till 9pm; Sunday 11am till 7pm

Quarry Bay: Monday – Saturday; Collection is available at our showroom by appointment only.

All collection MUST be made 10 minutes prior to our closing time.


Q. Can I cancel my cake order because my child is sick–for standard design cakes, Secret ArtCake, Cupcakes or catering?

There is no same-day cancellations as the order has been made. For cancellation of order, payment will be forfeited.

Q. How can I postpone my order –for classic birthday cakes, artcake, cupcakes or catering?

You may call us to postpone your order with the following advance notice:

– 2 days* for standard design cakes;

– 1 days* for cupcakes;

– 4 days* for ArtCakes;

– 4 days* for catering

* 2pm being our cut-off time.

There may be a charge for multiple postponements.  However, for postponement without the required advance notice, there will be a penalty charge to be quoted on a case by case basis.


 Q. What happens if there is a sudden weather warning (e.g. black rain or typhoon with signal 8 or above)?

If weather warning is hoisted during our bakery’s working hour (9am-6pm Monday till Saturday), we will try to be in touch with our customers to work out feasible arrangements. Customers will usually need to decide if they would like to proceed with the order with possible earlier collection or postpone their order.

If the weather warning is hoisted UNEXPECTEDLY during our bakery’s off hour, some orders may be ready for collection or delivery but some may not be ready at the previously requested hour. We will need to communicate with each customer upon removal of the weather warnings or via email during hoisting of warning signals. In which case, no cancellation will be possible.