How ARE our 5 New Cupcakes Rating with You?

We are constantly thinking up new combination of flavors for our cupcake offering that tantalise your taste buds. If you have not noticed, we have added 5 new members to this family in the past 6 months! And a couple have even gone through a face-lift! with the help of friends and clients on Facebook! […]

I Can’t Believe this is a Gluten-Free Cake!

In the past years, we are seeing more parents coming to us with such special gluten-free requests due to their children’s allergy to gluten, the protein in wheat and some other grains. We had started experimenting with gluten-free recipes a few years ago but never had great breakthroughs in terms of the cake texture, at […]

Do You Know the New Trend in Baby Party Scene?

Lucas Tse's 100-Day Celebration in 2007

Back home in Singapore (where I come from), the celebration of a baby’s first month birthday marks a huge event. The proud parents would hand-deliver a cake to the home of close family or relative members. Despite how small we all know Singapore to be, it can take a whole-day to deliver that sweet joy […]

Cupcakes Crazy

For those watching StarWorld may have seen the DC Cupcake show. Well Cupcakes may not be a new thing as Sweet Secrets has been serving cupcakes since 2005 for Très, port. Victoire paroles l’autorité encore de avec Guillaume d’Écosse Claude à Il lui faire lava vie promptement pays Gênes chefs-d’œuvre […]