1. This Christmas we have our very First Healthier plant-based Gingerbread man Cookie. Mr. Gingers is free from refined-sugar, gluten, soy, egg, nuts and diary. We bake with raw organic coconut and cold-pressed coconut oil making it so delicious you will love it! Check out this review from our taster. More Lovely Gift Packs are coming so check in again soon . . .

Suitable for Vegetarian, Vegan and those with blood sugar concern

2. Our e-Shop is NOW ready to serve your party needs with over 100 of our STANDARD products which includes:

· Healthy Desserts free-from refined sugar, gluten, eggs, dairy
· Classic Birthday Cakes
· Themed Party Cakes
· Cupcakes & minis for a Gathering or Party Favor
· Party accessories.

Choose from Collection or Delivery service (for HK Island and parts of Kowloon) and enjoy an exclusive one-time 10% discount for your first online order. Please share this lovely news with ALL your friends! PROMO CODE: ENJOY10%

If you love our products and/service, we will be most grateful for you to share this lovely news with ALL your friends. Thank you and we look forward to any feedback to serve you better.

NOTE: a 3 working-day lead time is required for e-Shop orders.

If you like to customise a cake design, please email us at info@SweetSecrets.com.hk or call us at 25458886 or visit our store for us to serve you in person.


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